"During the courses Tom created a very special atmosphere: although the training was performed in the group, at the same time the feeling was there that it was addressed to each member of the group personally.

Each participant was equally important, and Tom gave hand to everybody to move forward, taking into account the personal pace of every individual.

Surely I can say that Tom was there every time, when you were ready to climb higher.
I am very grateful to Tom for the provided knowledge. "

Antra Spickus Managing Director Konekesko Latvija SIA

"Tom loves people - this is a key phrase about him and this can be felt in every words he says, in every lecture he makes, in every coaching session he delivers. It can be seen in his eyes - full of empathy, tolerance, acceptance, understanding of love. He has a very special talent for a coaching, a God's gift and I am extremely happy for this life time opportunity not only participate at his classes, but also to have few sessions. Some of the words and epiphanies changed my world. For good. "

Aiga Veckalne Skrivanek Group Foreign Division Executive Manager

"I was really impressed by the deepness of the course delivered by Tom, by his professionalism and by his fantastic love and care for people. Most probably each of us took from these two modules of the Leader as a Coach programm exactly what we were looking for professionally and perhaps slightly more, and for this I am very thankful to Tom's unique ability to open up unknow areas in us which defiately helped to grow and develop both as a person and as a coach. "

Līga Liepiņa Business Manager Transcom

"“Tom helps people to grow and I had possibility to experience it. Tom promote positive and strong influence to a people's life and helps transform. I have got a lot of knowledge, learning and experience during the coach trainings which was led by Tom. He helped me a lot in my way becoming as a professional coach as well as growing as person. In my opinion, Tom is very professional coach and coaching trainer – one of the best professional I have met during my life. "

Daina Ramata, Training Manager at Swedbank Latvia “

"Tom Hatton is a coach that provides clear direction and solutions in various situations ranging from conflict management and relationship challenges over career development and strategic orientation. Tom is a highly motivated person, always integer and respectful and working with Tom let you notice how much he enjoys his job and this makes him so successful.

Therefore I can confidently recommend Tom Hatton for his professional services in the areas of leadership, strategic and career development. "

Dr. Silke Mohl (Technical development Leader, Roche)

"Tom Hatton displays a rare combination of intelligence and intuition in developing people to improve their skills to deliver superior services. He is one of the best I have worked with the drive and energy necessary to see complex projects through to completion. Tom Hatton will provide clarity, direction, support and solutions in situations ranging from relationship and career challenges to small business and corporate growth. He can guide individuals and teams through a continuous cycle of evolution and growth, on time and within budget. He is a strategic partner and a professional who wins the respect of others through his integrity and persistent desire to bring out the best in people. "

Frank Magee, managing director itcp, and formally Chief executive of Dublin City Tourism

"Tom Hatton led the coaching intervention and cultural transformation at board level within our organisation. The team coaching achieved its purpose, and after joint sessions all participants acknowledged increased levels of mutual understanding, improved communication, and greater clarity regarding values in support of our vision and cultural transformation. "

Anita Gaile, Head of HR division

"We are very pleased about the fruitful discussions and group work during the seminar. Mr. Hatton’s knowledge, professional qualities and communication skills certainly had a crucial role in the success of this event. He inspired the participants and achieved their involvement from the very beginning. Not only he demonstrated his amazing coaching abilities but also proved to be a wonderful team leader, possessing a great capacity of grasping new ideas and recognizing problematic aspects of healthcare.

This seminar initiated a building process of new type of relationships in healthcare system in Latvia. The work started in June 2011 undoubtedly was a significant turning point for the future work of our organization. "

Dr. Ilze Aizsilniece, M.D. M.Sc.

"Tom acted as a key member of the delivery team providing a transformation workshop for our management team. He brought good real life experiences to this program and established himself as a subject matter expert with management team. Tom was easily able to engage with and gain the trust of the team that resulted in an excellent workshop with outstanding results.

As a follow on from this transformation workshop I had the pleasure of having Tom act as my coach. Tom is very professional and comfortable in his approach to coaching, which reflects his many years of experience working with a wide range of clients. "

Des Duggan, Manager, Training, Education and Staffing ,IBM Inside Sales, Europe

"We wish to express our complete satisfaction with the services provided by Tom Hatton of Hatton Concepts in delivering the following programs that included an individual coaching element.

  • “Personal development and growth for aspiring new managers”
  • “Leading self and others”

both programs were delivered in a highly professional manner. The coaching element proved highly successful and beneficial to all participants. The approach was customised to our specific professional needs.

It is our intention to continue our relationship with Tom Hatton for the quality services it provides the benefits it brings to our organisation "

Manuela Wafler, Programme Coordinator, group function HR, Roche

"“Tom is a wonderful Teacher and Coach, working with Heart. He inspires and helps to fly and meet by myself. After coaching training in my life entered a new phase - Tom helped implant in my heart the seedling of love and acceptance of others, now blown as a flower. He has a wonderful sparkling sense of humor and the ability to very accurately see the essential. "

Dace Lace, Country Manager Mercuri Urval Latvia”

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