Interaction Design Hub

Interaction design has its usual reference point within the scope of how humans interact with technology and their artistic endeavor. Interaction design isn’t necessarily the creation of websites or applications. Interaction design has its roots in the creation of a dialogue between a person and a product, system, or service. This dialogue is both physical and emotional in nature and is manifested in the interplay between form, function, and technology as experienced over time.

Interaction design is now moving into the field of human interaction. One of the simplest yet most powerful tools available within the context of interaction design is language. The use of language is fundamental to this endeavor and affords a host of capabilities, including the act of persuasion, rich description, and a generator of behavior. It is critical to reflect on the values that we hold, how we define them, and the relevant behaviors associated with these.

Designing interactions between humans is challenging and complicated. It necessitates a richness of language and a capability to create distinctions in a World with the fusion of so many cultures and a shrinking vocabulary.

Hatton Concepts facilitates the process from values identification to designing interpersonal interactions within organizations. The organizational benefits are that there is a greater quality of dialogue, superior understanding between team members and functions and a higher quality of engagement that impact positively on innovation to deliver consistently higher results.