Developing Managers, Leaders and Teams

True leadership is an organic process, as much the product of character as of technique. It doesn’t exist in discreet moments, but is made manifest over the course of a career of leading people. It isn’t a single concept, but a phenomenological field that is, it is composed of actions, ideas, emotions, cultural forces, history, and expectations that exist together in the system. Leadership is a systems understanding, nothing happens in a silo.

Leadership is enduring, dynamic and simple in theory but complex in execution; it is a lifelong/career long journey of mastery. Like other deeply personal commitments of service, there is no particular destination, end zone or finish line. It is the learning, and the satisfaction in knowing that you are more skilled and effective this year then you were last year.

In the recognition of this continuum, and the need to build that extra strand of muscle that most managers and leaders need to maintain to be authentic in all situations, where decisions and conversations affect others, sometimes in very dramatic ways takes an unusually insightful understanding of yourself. This is highly personal and disciplined work that most leaders will not attempt.

Knowing who we are at the core is a project of awareness, courageous introspection, and thoughtful reflection. We at Hatton Concepts support leaders and managers access this authentic and necessary core in their life-long journey of excellence.