Business model facilitation and coaching

The skills and experiences that have helped us to this point are not the same skills and experiences that will propel us forward. We all are going to have to reinvent ourselves and our organizations; not just in response to the current economic downturn, but many times over the course of our careers and lives. Business model innovation is imperative for both individuals and organizations. One business model is not going to last a lifetime. Individuals and enterprises need to explore new models while currently using their current one. We must learn to experiment with new ways to create, deliver and capture value in order to stay relevant and to have the impact that we aspire to and are capable of.

For starters, we have to rethink the future of work. Today's concept of work, employment, and jobs are an outgrowth of an industrial era that is long gone. The industrial era is not coming back and it is time to rethink the basic concept of work. Despite media speculation, most of the jobs lost in the current downturn are not coming back. Work takes on new meaning in the 21st-century and it is time to change our conversation. The real wake-up call of this downturn is the enormous skills gap between the requirements of a 21st-century economy and skills and experience of the current workforce. Political rhetoric will not close this gap. The nature of work and the way we think about jobs must change dramatically. Hatton Concepts supports individuals and enterprises through a unique combination of business model facilitation and coaching in re-modeling how we design work for the 21st-century.